Whether your site is in need of audit, tank entry or composite samples need to be taken, the Site Surveys provided by ECHA offer comprehensive coverage.


Your facility could benefit from our site surveys and related services.

We can develop a bespoke service to meet your particular needs – and help prevent problems with microbiological contamination bringing you improvements in safety, efficiency and predictability.




We are trusted in providing on-site solutions to problems experienced in, among others, the fuel supply, marine, offshore, aviation and power generation industries.

For example, if you manage a fuel terminal or handle large quantities of fuels or oils, we can conduct a full audit of your facilities and practices, recommend or implement a routine testing and monitoring service, help you to analyse results, identify trends and advise on future controls.

From our experience, it pays to have that expert knowledge on site when dealing with a commodity like fuel; which in some cases can be a mission critical asset. Our Site Surveys provide the support you need, and all of our surveyors are fully equipped with a deep knowledge of fuel quality maintenance and storage tank integrity.

Furthermore, we will never leave you with an unresolved issue. From the moment we take samples from your tanks, we will provide you with our expertise and technical support every step of the way, and once your sample has been fully analysed by our professional laboratory, we will ensure you receive clear, and impartial advice on appropriate next steps.

So if you are currently experiencing any operational problems or issues with filter plugging and the like, why not start your assessment with one of our comprehensive Site Surveys? After all, it pays to be informed ahead of any scheduled works, and it could save you a lot of unnecessary expenditure.

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