Our extensive research work ensures that we are continuously staying abreast of new industry developments, and we offer this resource to our clients.


Ever since the inception of ECHA, R&D activity has always been a priority. Not only so that we can explore new ideas and scientific theories, but also so that we can constantly stay in touch with modern technologies and industry developments.

The knowledge that we obtain as a result of our extensive research work is something that we ultimately pass on to our clients, who benefit from our ever-evolving industry know-how as it develops. That said, we don’t just stop there.

In fact, we quite often receive requests to carry out specific research projects for some of our clients, and we conduct detailed analysis and investigative work on their behalf; allowing us to directly support our clients by way of resource provision.

As recognized industry leaders in industrial microbiology, we are privileged to provide our research reports to some of the world’s largest companies, but our research capabilities extend far and wide, and we are more than happy to receive requests for research and investigation work from any company from any sector.

So whether you simply want to identify whether a contamination issue is microbial or chemical, or want us to carry out detailed research on a particular new concept, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’d be delighted to learn more.