ECHA has a fully equipped and professionally staffed laboratory, which provides quality controlled, validated analytical techniques for microbiological testing.


We are unique in providing specialist microbiological testing of industrial materials. So, for example, you can turn to us for quality-controlled testing of fuels, lubricating, hydraulic and other oils, metal working fluids and much more.

We can even provide analysis of paints and  coatings, ballast and bilge waters, and potable or environmental waters too.

All such analysis is tailored to the needs of each customer – it may be part of a routine monitoring programme, investigation of a fuel contamination issue or as part of a corrosion risk assessment.

Whatever the requirement, with clear and easy to understand reporting, testing may be conducted in accordance with standard methods or can be developed for your specific samples. We can also conduct more investigative analysis to assist your research and development plans.

We ensure that you benefit from testing with more than just a number. Unlike other laboratories, we can provide you with expert interpretation. So, for example, we can guide you through the significance of results, and subsequently recommend the appropriate next steps.

If you think you may have a requirement for any of our Laboratory Services or would like to discuss sending samples to us, then please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our laboratory team members will be delighted to talk you through the process.