Through our Consultancy Services, you get direct access to our expertise and enthusiasm.


All of our customers benefit from extensive support and technical expertise from our team of highly qualified microbiologists, but our Consultancy Services offer our undivided attention and due care to any particular microbial or corrosion issues that you may face.

We work with customers globally in response to microbiological spoilage and corrosion incidents.  We conduct microbiological quality audits, identify root causes, make risk assessments of microbiological hazards and recommend decontamination strategies.

In addition, we can work on a more proactive basis devising bespoke monitoring regimes for your operation. It is far easier to resolve contamination at an early stage than it is to kill or remove a heavy contamination where microbes have colonised a system.

We can also provide Expert Witness Services, and this is an area in which ECHA has a wealth of experience, notably in respect of cargo spoilage, microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) and contamination issues in manufacturing.

Depending on your needs, assignments may be handled remotely or on-site, but whatever the circumstances, you can trust us to provide an objective, expert, confidential service.

For more information on how our Consultancy Services might help you, simply get in touch and outline your specific requirements to us. We will be more than happy to help.

Alternatively, why not get things started with one of our comprehensive Site Surveys or tailor-made Training Courses?