Product Description

Samplers are used to take liquid (including fuel) samples from tanks, systems and the environment.  They are usually constructed of stainless steel or other corrosion resistant metals.  Their design allows representative samples to be collected from different locations and levels within tanks or systems.  They can be easily cleaned and sanitized prior to use to avoid sample contamination.

Use of suitable sampling devices allows any level samples to be collected from normal access points.  The contents of storage tanks are not usually homogenous: samples from all levels are required to build a picture of the quality of the product within a tank.  The quality of a tank contents is not always related to the condition of the tank itself.  The contamination present at the bottom of a tank is indicative of the risk of microbial corrosion to a tank.

Samplers are ideal to sample:

  • Bilge Water
  • Ballast Water
  • Potable Water
  • Environmental waters
  • Fuel Tanks, including all levels, absolute bottom and water bottoms
  • Metal Working Fluids

Sampling is usually conducted by staff trained in the appropriate industry of the sample being taken or by suitably trained investigative staff.

Sample Winder:

ECHA23/SW/SS25M –  Stainless Steel, 25 M

ECHA23/SW/SS30M – Stainless Steel (auto lock), 30 M


Constructed of anti-sparking stainless steel and brass includes an earthing cable, brake System and locking sampler attachment.


Any Level Sampler:




Constructed of stainless steel,  allows a sample to be collected from any level in the fuel column.


All Level Sampler:

ECHA23/RNS/SS1000 – STAINLESS STEEL, OD38mm 300ml capacity


Constructed of stainless steel,  allows a representative sample to be collected as the sampler is lowered through the fuel column (running sample).


Bottom Sampler:

ECHA23/BTMS/SS300 -STAINLESS STEEL, OD38mm 300ml capacity

ECHA23/BTMS/SS520 –  STAINLESS STEEL OD 49mm 520ml capacity


Constructed of stainless steel,  allows a  sample to be collected from the bottom of the tank or a variable height off the bottom of the tank.


Combined Bottom and Any Level Sampler:

ECHA23/ALBTMS/SS500 – STAINLESS STEEL, 500ml capacity, OD 64mm, OL 345mm

Constructed of stainless steel, allows either bottom samples or any level samples to be drawn as required.


Samplers & Winders Downloads

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What are Bottom Samplers?

Bottom sampler can be pre-set to take a sample at any level from dead bottom to about 30 cm above bottom.  The sample taken is then decanted into a separate clean sterile bottle.

What are Any Level Samplers?

Any Level Samplers allows samples of the chosen level to be taken from tanks or environmental waters into clean sterile sample bottles.

What are All Level Samplers?

All level samplers draw an average sample as it is lowered through fuel or other liquids being sampled.

What are Sample winders?

Constructed of non sparking metals (stainless steel and brass) integral earthing clip and wire, locking sampler clip and variable wire lengths, with optional depth gauges and auto-locking mechanisms.

What are Combined Bottom and Any level samples?

A sampler for all occasions allows bottom or any level samples to be draw as required.

Whats the guarantee?

1 year from date of supply and repairs are possible out of guarantee (charges to be advised).