Managing Director
Graham C. Hill

IATA pays tribute to ECHA Founder Ted Hill

During this month’s IATA Fuel Forum in Singapore, Ted was formally acknowledged by IATA for his outstanding contributions to the Aviation Industry.

On behalf of ECHA Microbiology, I would like to give a special thanks to IATA for recognising both the achievements and industry contributions made by my Father, Ted Hill.

He was incredibly passionate about the world of industrial microbiology and has contributed a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise over the years to a wide range of industries associated with this niche area.

Ted was widely known among the majority of industry stakeholders in Aviation, Marine and a whole host of other Industries where Microbiology has become a topic of interest, and his academic and technical papers have helped shape much of the industry guidance relating to microbial contamination in fuels and oils that we see today.

At this month’s Fuel Forum in Singapore, IATA wanted to acknowledge these industry contributions in light of Ted’s passing earlier this year, and it was nice to see such a tribute made to him during the Forum: