Our client base spans several key markets across the Aviation, Marine and Land sectors and includes some of the world’s largest producers of oil.


We work with all kinds of companies from around the world, and are proud to have served such an extensive base of clients over the last 33 years. Oil Producers, Fuel Suppliers, Commercial Airlines, MROs, Laboratories, Offshore Operators, Power Generation Companies, and Data Centre Operators are just some of the many market segments we supply.

In summary, our work is concentrated in three main sectors:

• AVIATION – maintaining sky-high fuel safety levels

• MARINE – keeping our ships on course

• LAND – committed to operational success

Although these three sectors account for much of our business, our work does extend beyond them.  We work with any business in any sector that faces the risk of microbial contamination issues – ranging from oils, fuels, industrial fluids, and even paints and coatings; right through to drinking water.

Logistically, we operate on a global scale, and are proud to supply our products and services to countries from every continent around the world, and through our network of Distributors, that local touch and ability to supply on demand is never lost.

Also, we have formal, long-term partnerships with many leading trade associations, such as IATA and IMarEST, and our solutions are recommended by several leading OEMs, including Boeing and Airbus.

Take a look at below at what just a few of our clients have to say about us:


“I wish all of my suppliers were like ECHA. Our customers are very satisfied with the performance of the MicrobMonitor2 test kit and ECHA service has always been excellent.”

Aidan Hamm, Business Development Manager, Blackwoods Paykels (Engineering Supplies), New Zealand


“I have worked with ECHA on developing the IATA guidelines for testing aviation fuel for microbial contamination and consider the MicrobMonitor2 test kit to be ideally suited to this purpose. Lufthansa Technik has used MM2 since its launch in 2002, and uses the product when servicing aircraft. We have found it to be a very trustworthy test method.”

Peter Westphal, Projekt Manager Fuel, Potable water Quality & Technical Operations, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Germany


“We have been supplying MM2 since its launch in 2002 and have never had any issues regarding the performance of the test kit or the quality of service received from ECHA.”

Mark Knight, Managing Director, Med-Lab Ltd, United Kingdom


“As MicrobMonitor2 is approved by both Boeing and Airbus we have adopted it for checking all our aircraft. The kit can be used by our technicians without special training and always provides us with a clear measure of the condition of our aircraft.”

Stigur Sigurbjartsson, Manager Material Control, Air Atlanta Icelandic, Iceland